What should you do if your worms are trying to escape the bin?

If your bin becomes too acidic, too moist, too dry, too compact, full of rotting food, full of food they don’t like, too hot, too cold or they just organize an expedition, your worms can attempt an escape from your bin. This thwarted escape plan (if your lid is on tight) ends up with many worms in your bottom collection tray.

To rectify this situation add water to the collected liquid in order to dilute the sediment and ease its flow through the sieve. Then strain the liquid through a sieve or small holed colander, rinse the collection tray out and reassemble the worm bin. Add the worms, collected in the sieve, back into your top working tray. If you clean out the bottom bin regularly you can save all your wayward worms and keep the liquid fresh and in top condition. Dilute the liquid with 5-10 parts tap water before adding to your garden. Remove the chlorine from tap water by letting it stand in the sun for several hours.