Compost Bin Discounts and Vouchers

Looking to start composting at home? Many jurisdictions throughout the San Diego region offer discount programs for their residents. Your eligibility for discounted bins will depend on what jurisdiction you live in. It is important to check your exact address, because you may not necessarily live in the city listed in your address, e.g. a Vista address may be in City of Vista or an unincorporated area.

What is My Jurisdiction?

Enter your home address here to determine which jurisdiction it is part of. After your correct address has been selected, your jurisdiction will be listed after “Jurisdiction_Boundary:” You can then interpret your results with the jurisdictions listed below.

Discounts Available

Locate your jurisdiction result in the list below to find which discount you may be eligible for.

  • CARLSBAD: Carlsbad residents may purchase a subsidized vermicomposting bin and a subsidized custom-made yard waste compost bin through ReEarth Consulting
  • CHULA VISTA: Residents of the City of Chula Vista can receive a discounted compost bin after attending one of the City’s sponsored composting webinars/workshops or Master Composter course. Learn more here. Solana Center’s educational programs are not currently counted toward this requirement. 
  • DEL MAR: You are eligible to receive a discounted compost or worm bin through the City of Del Mar’s voucher program. Learn more and apply here
  • ENCINITAS: City of Encinitas residents can purchase a subsidized compost or worm bin through the Solana Center online store
  • ESCONDIDO: Discounted bins can be purchased by Escondido residents at one of the City’s compost workshops (currently on hold) or by appointment. Learn more here
  • LA MESA: You can apply for a voucher to receive a discounted traditional compost bin. Learn more and apply here
  • OCEANSIDE: The City of Oceanside is offering a limited supply of discounted compost bins to residents. Register here
  • CITY OF SAN DIEGO: City of San Diego residents can apply here for one of the following vouchers: classic compost bin, vermicomposting bin (comes with additional worm voucher), tumbler compost bin, or composting worms. See the linked webpage for details on participating pick-up locations. 
  • SAN DIEGO COUNTY: You are a resident of an unincorporated area of San Diego County. You have two options to receive a discounted compost or worm bin. First, you can apply for a voucher for redemption at Dixieline locations in Escondido and La Mesa through the County’s Department of Public Works. Or, you can purchase a subsidized bin through the Solana Center online store for pickup in Encinitas.
  • CORONADO, EL CAJON, IMPERIAL BEACH, LEMON GROVE, NATIONAL CITY, POWAY, SAN MARCOS, SANTEE, SOLANA BEACH, VISTA: Your jurisdiction does not currently offer compost bin discounts to its residents. If you want to encourage composting programs in your community, consider reaching out to your local Solid Waste & Recycling or Public Works department. You can learn how to construct your own low-cost compost bins here, or purchase a full-price bin through the Solana Center online store.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll help you out.